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The Apuan Alps represent the most important and known karst area of Europe. On 800 explored hollow, 200 almost introduce a superior spatial development to the 100 meters; the caves are diffused in the carbonate grounds, metamorphic and not, of the Autoctono and the Falda Toscana; they rise near all the principal sources. The group of the Panies with the highland of the Vetricia, the Carcaraia, the Valley of Arnetola are like a paradise for the speleologists, but it is above all the karst complex of Monte Corchia with its 55 Kms of galleries and wells that recall the attention of the experts. There are three apuan caves open to the tourists; you can also visit other caves of easy and medium difficulty, with the help of the Guides Park specialized in speleology.


Antro del Corchia" of Levigliani (Stazzema). A small part of the most important karst complex of Italy opened to the public in 2001. The tourist course is 1978 meters long, with 646 meters of catwalks and 1005 steps. The temperature in the cave is the same during the year, around the 7,6° C.  

Time of the visit: 2 hours ca.

Information and bookings: Guesthouse of Levigliani  tel:0584 778405

"Buca di Equi Terme" in Lunigiana (Equi  T. - Fivizzano).                        It was explored for the first time in 1726, and it opened to the public in 1960; after a period in which it was closed, it opened again in 2001 and today it offers a complete picture of the geo morphology and of the history of one of the most fascinating and wild valleys in the Apuan Alps. You can also visit, besides “ Buca” (temperature 13 °Cs), the “Tecchia”, the Caves Museum, the “Solco D’Equi” and the Archeoparco with didactic and archaeological activities. For more information and bookings 0187 422598 cells. 347 5817347 


"Grotta del Vento" in Garfagnana (Fornovolasco-Vergemoli).         

It was discovered in 1898,  explored since 1929 and opened to the public from 1967; it offers three different possibilities of itineraries, equipped with comfortable paths, of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours that allow to have a complete panorama of the karst underground and to visit in all safety an environment of rare beauty and suggestion. The temperature in cave is constant around 10,7 °Cs; annual opening.  

Information and bookings: box-office Grotta del Vento  tel: 0583 722024  


Speleological Itineraries  (for experts or with speleological guide)   

“Tana che Urla” - Fornovolasco (Vergemoli) Altitude 625-gradient m. 50. Length m. 576. Explored from Anthony Vallisneri in 1704, it was the first cave of the Apuanes Alps to be studied by the scientific point of view. It consists in a wide gallery in slope, crossed by a stream with various falls and a siphon over which the cave continues for other 200 meters.  


"Tana dell’Omo Selvatico"-Mouth of Mosceta (Stazzema) Altitude 1150-Gradient m. 318-Length m. 1330. There is a tortuous corridor that  conducts, after some jumps, to a first well, over which a wide  corridor brings to a landing from which, with a series of jumps, you reach the terminal rooms.

Esplorazione delle grotte apuane
Esplorazione delle grotte apuane
Antro del Corchia
Antro del Corchia

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