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Unique park Accomodation A luxuriant flora The human presence
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By car and by train
It’s easy to reach the “door of access” of the Apuan’s territory; from the motorway exit of Aulla you enter in the Lunigiana area. From the highway exit of Genova-Livorno you enter in the Versilia and Massa’s part of the Park, If you are in Lucca you can go up the course of the river Serchio, crossing the whole Garfagnana. You can also reach the Apuan Alps by train, this is the best way if you want to do excursion by walk or by bike.All the trains of the Lucca-Aulla line offer a service to transport bikes; many itinerary are still signalized in the station.

From the bottom of the  valley or from the coast the roads, often holds and tortuous, penetrate in the different valleys, they reach the villages castled on the slan,(old “mulattiere”, steep paths or marble roads), bring toward the peaks of the mountains. This is the only road that crosses the Apuanes connecting the two slopes: we suggest this itinerary if you make  a daily car itinerary becouse of the splendid panoramic views and many places  for a gastronomic standstill.  From Massa you reach San Carlo Terme, to continue then toward Pian della Fioba, (obligatory a visit in the Botanical garden) and the gallery of Monte Pelato, over which there is the characteristic village of Arni. You reach then the village of Tre Fiumi where the road cross the Provincial one of Val d’ Arni that you will follow in direction of Castelnuovo of Garfagnana Over Tre Fiumi you find  the ancient village of Isola Santa and its homonym lake with emerald waters. We recommend you to visit Castelnuovo and its historical centre, with the Cathedral and the  Ariosto’s Fortress; there is also Visits  Centre of the Park, where It is possible to assist to a projection about the territory. If  you follow the indications from Castelnuovo to Cerretoli and  Colle, you find  Fortezza di Monte Alfonso that you can visit; shortly you reach Croce di Stazzana and the crossroad of Capricchia and  Porretta. This is a very narrow road and little known but the panorama is incomparable. After Capanne di Careggine, in few kilometres you reach  the provincial road of Arni that you follow in direction of Forte dei Marmi, over the gallery of  Cipollaio. In Levigliani, we advice you to visit the cavern of Antro del Corchia.  In Seravezza we find the other door of entry to the Park, with the point  information of Versilia’s territory. This itinerary is not possible with the big buses, that can cross only the provincial road, so  for these the best way is  Lucca-Castelnuovo- Isola Santa-Levigliani - Seravezza (or vice versa).

 Railway stations you can refer to  for the visit of the Apuan Alps Park (for more information and schedules  contact the  Visits Centre of the Park) 

Tirrenical Line: Station FS Pietrasanta: connections line-bus to S. Anna di Stazzema, Valdicastello Carducci, Seravezza, Cardoso, Pruno, Basati, Azzano, Arni and Castelnuovo  di Garfagnana (provincial road of Arni) Station FS of Massa: connections line-bus to Forno, Antona, Resceto, Station FS of Carrara: connection bus with Colonnata 

Lucca-Aulla Line: Station FS of Mologno-Barga-Gallicano: connections line-bus  to Fornovolasco, Sassi, Trassilico. Path Garfagnana Trekking to Trassilico-Fornovolasco Station FS of Castelnuovo of Garfagnana: connections line-bus to Vagli, Roggio, Islola Santa, Careggine, Pietrasanta (provincial road of Arni).  Path Garfagnana Trekking to Rifugio Rossi Station FS of Poggio-Careggine-Vagli connections bus of line to Vagli.     Path of link to Campocatino, Station FS of Piazza al Serchio: connections to Gramolazzo-Minucciano. Path link Garfagnana Trekking to Gramolazzo and Argegna, Station FS of Equi Terme. Paths to Solco d’Equi and Pizzo d’Uccello.



I caselli di Campocatino
I caselli di Campocatino

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