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The rock of the Apuan Alps is very often unstable therefore it is very difficult to practice mountaineering. Many famous mountain climber went there tracing streets that now are the classic itinerary; in the last years, there are a lot of new possibilities of mountain’s itinerary. Starting from the famous wall in the north of Pizzo d’Uccello, you visit Gabellaccia, Torre di Monzone, Contrario, Sumbra and Corchia, up to Procinto and to Monte Penna.

Rocky faces

Bergiola (Ms) Rocky face, hight:70 meter;   difficulty: from 6a to 7c  East exhibition.

Le placche di Antona (Ms) Inclined friable face. Difficulity from 5 to 7.

La valle di Camaiore. A  wide centre of climb with a lot of difficult roads.

Rocchette (Molazzana). It is situated on 1000 metres of hight. It is not advice in winter. East-west exhibition. Difficulty from 5 to 7c.

La Serra (Careggine) A small face equipped on friable rocks. South-East exhibition. Difficulty from 5 to 6c.

Rifugio Orto di Donna.Cliff from 4 to 7b

Iron ways 

Ferrata "Bruni" al Monte Procinto (1177 m.slm)

Inaugurated in 1893, it consents to reach easily Monte Procinto. The way starts with a metallic staircase and continues on stairs dug in the rock; then the way enters into a hold throat up to reach the top, where you find "the garden", dense of vegetation and the cave where a small source filters.                                                                                              

Gradient 150 mt.  Time of route 30 minutes 

Ferrata "Renato Salvadori" al Monte Forato (1223 m.slm)                                                                                        

It is an easy equipped way that allows to cross in safety the whole summit of the great natural arc of Monte Forato, that connects the two twin tops. From Foce di Petrosciana you cross the peak SE to reach the southern top and from here you go to Foce di Vagli.                                                                                                                                              

Development 1250 mt.   Time of route around 50 minutes                                                                                      

Ferrata "Vecchiacchi" al Monte Sella ( 1739 m.slm)                                                                                                 

Long equipped street that connects Monte Focoletta and Passo Sella racing under Alto di Sella. This way is not very difficult; we recommend you to be careful to the stones that can fall from the ridge.                                                        

Development of 1500 meters    Time: 4 hours .                                                                           

Ferrate del Pizzo d’Uccello(1781m.slm)                                                                                                                                                       

Pizzo d’Uccello, the northern peak of Apuan Alps, dominates the Lunigiana’s slope of the Park. The dizzy rocky wall of 700 meters extends for different kilometres, forming an ample and spectacular amphitheatre; on its extremities there are two ways. These ways start in Cave Cantonaccio that is reached from  Solco di Equi Terme or by marble way from Ugliancaldo.

1-Equipped way "Domenico Zaccagna"  that connects Cave del Cantonaccio to Foce Lizzari (1250 m.slms) and Cresta Nattapiana, trail sign CAI 190.

2-Equipped way "M. Piotti". From Foce Lizzari the trail sign CAI 191 go under the Cresta of Nattapiana up to Foce a Giovio, from where, shortly,  you reach the peak of Pizzo d’Uccello.

3 – Via Ferrarta "Tordini-Galligani”. It connects Cave Cantonaccio and Foce di Siggioli (1390 m.slms) and the cresta di Capradossa. It is surely the most spectacular and binding of the three with a gradient of 450 mt. and around 2 hours of time of route. You must be careful especially in the descent.

Ferrata degli Alberghi.                                                                                                                                                  

This new way goes up to Valle degli Alberghi to Passo delle Pecore, situated between Forbice and Contrario, and to the Shelter “Orto di Donna”. It is a very technical itinerary; the re-entry is difficult because there is not a good alternative path that brings back to the base. We recommend you to go there only if you are expert excursionists or mountain climber. The start of the way is reached from Casa Biforco (above Forno di Massa) by a not marked path (times 1,45 around)         

Time of route 1,30/2,00 h.     Development 700 mt. 


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