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On Horseback
If the “mulattiere” of the intermediate quotas are excluded, the Apuan Alps don't represent an easy ground for excursions with horse. They demand docile horses, well trained and the accompaniment of experienced equestrian guides. With these presuppositions a trekking to horse in Apuan Alps becomes an enthusiastically experience.

 The anarchists' ring 

1^tappa: Monte Brugiana (Le Prade) - Canevara-Antona-Pian della Fioba - Arni  

Gradient rise mt. 900. Gradient descent mt.600   Time: 6.00 h. 

From  Prade, on binding path that penetrates the “Valle del Frigido”, you reach the Santo and the village of Canevara. From here you  go on along an ancient “mulattiera “in direction of the village on the southern slant of the homonym mountain, with beautiful views toward the see and the underlying valley. Then, through the path that climbs to north, you reach Pian della Fioba, where you can visit  the Alpine Botanical Garden "Pellegrini". After some galleries, where it is necessary to equip yourself with torches, you arrive to Arni where you can stay for the night to the pension "Aronte" or to the shelter “Puliti” (open on booking). 

 2^tappa: Arni- Passo Sella- Vagli di Sotto

Gradient rise mt.550. Gradient descent mt. 900 Time: 5.30  h.

From Arni, you follow the marble way that climbs to the Passo della Sella, that offers beautiful lawns and views. The paths that descent to Vagli and its lake goes through  the of beech trees wood of Arnetola. You can pass the night in the hotel  “Alpi di Vagli di Sotto”. 

3^tappa Vagli di Sotto- Campocatino-Gramolazzo – Ugliancaldo- Equi Terme

Gradient rise:  mt. 511 gradient descent: mt. 834.  Time:  8,00 h.

It is an easy itinerary and one of the most suggestive of the Garfagnana’s slope of the Apuan Alps. Passing for Vagli di Sopra you reach Campocatino in the green basin of glacial origin, under the  Roccandagia Mountain. Now you go on on an asphalted way to Gorfigliano and to the lake of Gramolazzo; from where you can reach the village of Ugliancaldo, in a unusual position with sight on the Pizzo d’Uccello and the Pisanino; then you ontinue, through the valley of Lucido, to Equi Terme. For the night you can stay in a pension or in a hotel.  

4^tappa: Equi Terme- Aiola- Monzone- Campo Cecina

 Gradient rise: mt. 1095 gradient descent: mt. 59 Time: 6.00 h.

It  is a very difficult itinerary because of the strong gradient to overcome in the last line, from the 277 of Monzone to the 1320 of Campo Cecina, on excavated and steep road. On ancient “mulattiera” you can reach the medieval village of Aiola, therefore to Monzone, that has for background the notable steep massive structure of the homonym Tower (1251 mslms) Going up the ancient stairways of the village you take the excavates that, through the Valley of the Monsonari, conducts to the "Prati di  Cardeto" and with binding path, holding to the left in comparison to the heading of the valley, you  reach the peak of the terrace of Campo Cecina. You can stay for the night in the Shelter Carrara. 

5^tappa: Campo Cecina- Castelpoggio- Carrara- Monte Brugiana (Le Prade)

Gradient rise: mt. 542 gradient descent: 1234 Times 6.00 h.

On  a binding path, crossing the pass of Gabellaccia, you go down to the village of Castelpoggio, ancient center of warlike anarchists, then to the inhabited area of Gragnana, situated in the narrow and green bottom of the valley. After Carrara you go on through the villages of Codena, Bergiola-foscalina ,then you go up on a ”mulattiera” of  the western slope of the Brugiana Mountain to reach the Trekking Center of Mountain Brugiana.  

For more information on this trekking or on other possibilities contact:  

 Centro Trekking Monte Brugiana di Paolo Monteleone tel. 0585 40840 cell. 337 713610

www.montebrugiana.it info@montebrugiana.it 

Agriturismo La Fornace Fabbriche di Vallico di Marco Rigali 0583 761710 cell. 347 9412323

Centro Trekking Monte Brugiana
Centro Trekking Monte Brugiana

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